Strings Soup

J.M. Santamaria

An instrumental song, in which some of the notable influences of the band emerge... country music, rock, Celtic folklore and, of course, the music of their place of origin... the Basque Country. All this in a pot filled to the brim with a soup of well-tuned strings.

All About The Song



Xabi Salinazarmendaritz 12-string acoustic guitar, harmonica & claps

Josemari Santamaria “Murru” acoustic guitar 6 string, mandolin, dobro & banjo

David Salinazarmendaritz drums, percussions & claps

Carlos Zumieta bass

Carlos Saiz piano, organ & claps

German Ors electric guitar

Marius Martinus fiddle


Arrangements and production by C. Saiz & X. Salinazarmendaritz.