Byron Berline's Waltz

M. Martinus | X. Salinazarmendaritz | J.M. Santamaria

A song in homage to the wonderful fiddler Byron Berline, in the heaven of the greatest.


All About The Song


(4: 09)

Marius Martinus lead fiddle, piano, viola & string orchestra

Xabi Salinazarmendaritz vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars & mandolins

Jose Mari Santamaria “Murru” dobro

Carlos Zumieta bass

Surely there´s a meeting place
for the greatest, up there.

Listen! Crossing heaven with Bill and Gram
on the "Orange Blossom Special”, fiddle in hand.
Don´t cry man! Will be fine.

Arrangements and production by C. Saiz, M. Martinus & X. Salinazarmendaritz.